Full Ingredients List

🌎 Organic            ☀️ Sun Safe
🌱 Vegan           🐇 Cruelty Free
Organic Avocado Oil -- SPF 15

Motivates the skin to produce new collagen, producing soft and supple skin while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles and providing protection from free radials and sun damage.

Organic Castor Oil -- SPF 5

Acts as a cleansing agent to fight bacteria. Anti-inflammatory properties allow this oil to behave as an all-natural acne reducer. The fatty acids promote the growth of healthy skin tissue, helping to restore an even skin tone.   

 Organic Sweet Orange Oil

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make this oil great for fighting acne. Also, orange oil allows the skin to better absorb vitamin-C, produce new collagen, and increase blood flow -- all of which are important for anti-aging.

 Organic Carrot Seed Oil -- SPF 38

Known as the "fountain of youth" of essential oils. Contains high levels of carotol which rejuvenates dull skin cells. Rich in carotenoids which are powerful antioxidants therefore great for preventing premature wrinkles and fine lines. Balanced oil great for all skin types. Lightens hyper-pigmentation as well as tones and tightens the skin. 

 Organic Raspberry Oil -- SPF 45

Acts as a skin lightener due to the high levels of tiliroside which inhibit melanin production. Packed with antioxidants therefore serving as a great all-natural SPF  preventing damaging effects of the sun.